EX300076 EXOR JMobile PC Runtime


EX300076 EXOR JMobile PC Runtime

JMobile 4.5 is a software used to program and design the most beautiful screens on the market. JMobile is built for everyone to join.

1 - 2 - 3 Easily create your project, choose your PLC, design your images from the large Standard symbol toolbox, or develop your own as Plug & Play and you're in the process.

Simulates your project or with a click your images are accessible from all browsers via HTML5 web pages on your tablet, mobile or PC.

You can access the panels via thin clients, or remotely control the panels via VNC via Corvina Cloud 1, which makes everyday life a breeze.

JMobile has over 100+ communication drivers for the common PLC or control systems on the market. JMobile is the interface for Cloud CC2 or from Microsoft Azura, Amazon or a completely different Cloud system with the MQTT or OPC-UA interface.


• New gallery with refreshed style for widgets. New user interface with icons, preview, and search feature. (Ref.: "The Widget Gallery")

• HMI device can be configured to accept only signed projects. (Ref.: "Project Signature")

• Projects can be encrypted to secure intellectual property and not be readable or editable by unauthorized users. (Ref.: "Project Files Encryption")

• The HMI device can be configured to "Allow only Secure HTTPS connections". (Ref.: "Web Server")

• When you create a new page, you have the option to associate a dashboard to the page. (Ref.: "Designing a page")

• Enhancement of the HMI Simulator with data watch/modify window. (Ref.: "Tags Simulation")

• Support connection to external databases using macros or SQL commands. (Ref.: "Storing data to external databases")

• HTML5 compatible browser widget, based WebEngine. (Ref.: "Browser widget ")

• QR Code widget. (Ref.: "QR Code widget")

• Tab and toolbar widgets to create easily inline buttons with embedded gestures. (Ref.:"TabBar widget")

• Stack widget to display group of widgets in Z axes layers both from design time and from runtime. (Ref.: "Stack widget")

• Scatter chart widget. (Ref.: "Scatter chart widget")

• Client system variables protocol. Defines a set of system variables that take the values from the active client and not of the server where runtime is running. (Ref.: "Client System Variables")

• Environment variables protocol to get access to environment variables of the hosting Operating System. (Ref.: "Environment Variables")

• Added support for major communication protocols to keep tags synchronized with the dictionary. (Ref. "Importing tags")

• Trends autofill, import/export, and copy/paste functionalities to maximize productivity. (Ref. "Data logging")

• Quick change project type from tight click on Project properties. (Ref.: "Changing the device model")

• Quick link to open an uploaded project. (Ref.: "Upload projects")

• Support for dynamic keyboards depending on language. (Ref. "Language Keyboards")

• TLS support in sending emails. (Ref.: "Configuring the email server")

• The gesture area widget is supported on web clients (Ref.: "Gesture area widget")

• Indexed Tag Sets import/export and copy/paste functionalities to maximize productivity. (Ref.: "Toolbar")

• Support for variable widget variables in Indexed Tag sets for independent sessions on the Set. (Ref.: "How to create an indexed tag set")

• Added delay between bad passwords to prevent brute force attacks. (Ref.: "Miscellaneous settings")

• Allow MQTT to put many tag values into payload. (Ref.: "Multiple Tags")

• Autocomplete functionality has been added to the message widget with the ability to quickly choose a previously used message. (Ref. "Auto-completing dialog")

• Porting of Scheduler Widget to new table format.

• Unicode support for DB connectors.

• CODESYS v3.5.16

Breaking Changes

• JMobile Studio 4.5 requires Linux BSP versions equal to or greater than 1.3.

• HMI devices based on Windows CE operating system are no longer supported. To program these devices you must use JMobile Studio version 4.0

• The old widget gallery has been replaced with the new gallery. See the chapter "Switch to old widget gallery" if you need to return to the old gallery

• By default, when a new project is created the FTP service will accept only encrypted connections. See "FTP authorizations" if you need to use an old FTP client that does not support the encrypted FTP mode.

• The manual, available from the "Help" button, has been moved online.

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