EX300424 EXOR Corvina DataCollect Platform 1000Mio IoT message


EX300424 EXOR Corvina DataCollect Platform 1000Mio IoT message

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What is the Corvina Platform?

The Corvina platform consists of 2 parts. The first is VPN control and the second is Data analysis and presentation in the cloud.

VPN control:

Here, as an Organization, you can create Suborganizations (your customers) with associated users and their gateways.

These gateways can each have endpoints, which can be anything from PLC, HMI, servo, yes any equipment that supports TCP/IP.

Or you can add a remote desktop, server drive, etc. as a home workplace.

There are 3 packages on the VPN site, namely 3 years, 5 years or life time. So the license is valid for 3, 5 years or the lifetime of the device. However, Lifetime stipulates that a device/gateway must have been online at least once in 3 years. If this does not happen, the lifetime license disappears.

You, as a customer, get your own login, where you can create your customers and see the status of them and their devices.

Data collection

Your projects on EXOR HMI can send data to the Corvina Platform, where you can create dashboards in the cloud to present your data. You can easily set up your data and with simple clicks, you have bar graphs, trends, number fields, animated images etc. in your browser.

Data logged in the cloud can be easily downloaded to a csv file.

Other options are also to use Azura or other MQTT related databases or cloud systems.

• No need to open IT networks to the Internet (DynDNS, NoIP, Denat, etc.)

• Direct access to the device with a single click of the mouse

• Reduction of installation and maintenance costs

• Geographic visualization of the connected devices

• Device web server access using standard browser from PC and/or mobile

• Easy management of Multitenant access with the ability to manage different corporate domains

• User and profile management for differentiated user access to the service's domain and function

• Fully accessible and configurable bar browser

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